4 Amazing iPhone 4 Apps to Help Organize Our Lives

Living in this high paced hectic society can be quite stressful for everyone. Although, one thing that can be said for sure is that iPhone users may have it easier since there are several of apps to help us organize our daily routine. The following are cool iPhone 4 apps that can make our lives a bit easier and well managed.


If you have a problem remembering sensitive information or even secrets, this app may be for you. SplashID ($9.99) encrypts your sensitive data so you can have it ready anywhere. You just enter a single password (make it a good one!) to unlock everything. Archive credit card numbers, web logins, bank account details, and anything else. Great-looking presets are included for most situations, and you can customize the layout for anything, such as those not-very-secure password reset questions. With SplashID, don’t type in your high school mascot; the software will remember any answer, such as “xS34_wwE.” We recommend adding the sold-separately Mac version ($19.95) for quicker entry and syncing. Or use the desktop version free for 30 days to build your database and decide whether or not to buy the license later.

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4 Amazing iPhone 4 Apps to Help Organize Our Lives

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