A Strong Password Isn’t the Strongest Security

MAKE your password strong, with a unique jumble of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. But memorize it — never write it down. And, oh yes, change it every few months.
Stuart Goldenberg

These instructions are supposed to protect us. But they don’t. Some computer security experts are advancing the heretical thought that passwords might not need to be “strong,” or changed constantly. They say onerous requirements for passwords have given us a false sense of protection against potential attacks. In fact, they say, we aren’t paying enough attention to more potent threats. Here’s one threat to keep you awake at night: Keylogging software, which is deposited on a PC by a virus, records all keystrokes — including the strongest passwords you can concoct — and then sends it surreptitiously to a remote location. Read the restHave you considered a password manager to store your passwords and other critical information?Try SplashID – SplashID helps you store critical info and has some cool features such as Auto-fill, Random password generator, field masking, AES and Blowfish encryption- 2 layers of encryption, and many more cool features. Visit us at www.splashdata.com, I assure you.. you wouldn’t be disappointed. 🙂

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A Strong Password Isn’t the Strongest Security

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