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Easy to remember is easy to steal, it is as simple as that. Many people think that it is OK to have a simple and easy password, not even thinking a way to choose a safe password. Having as easy password is risky especially when your password protects some sensitive information like credit card number, account number, etc.

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How not to choose a password
People make some very common mistakes while choosing their passwords and end up with some pretty weak passwords that are easy to hack. Before going any further I think it is important to describe some common mistakes that should be avoided while choosing a password.

  • Never use your own name (or username) as password.
  • Name of a relative, friend, pet, actor, or some other name should not be chosen. As, they are easy to guess when a person is going for a targeted attack.
  • Don’t use the name of your favorite book, movie, play, location, etc. These are the first obvious guess of a hacker when they are trying to break into the account of someone that they know.
  • Any information that is personally relevant to you is again easy to guess. So, things such as address, SSN (Social Security Number), etc. should never be used.
  • Any single word in a language is vulnerable even spelled backwards.
  • An obvious misspelling like, f00tball (where number 0 is replace by letter o) or any similar can be guess specially in dictionary-attacks.
  • Never write down your password, specially for root accounts.
  • A name that appears or is near the monitor of the system falls in the category of don’t do while selecting a safe password.
  • Ascending or descending order of numbers are fairly weak.
  • A string of same characters or characters that appear in the same row of a keyboard should never be user.
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An article on : Tips on how to choose a safe password

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