five best passwords according to a blogger

According to – SplashID is one of the top 5!
oh but I think its THE number one.. I cant help being biased towards it! 🙂 and why shouldn’t I?
They say – SplashID is a multi-platform password manager. Available on the desktop for Windows and Mac OS X it also syncs to mobile versions on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and S60 platforms. SplashID uses AES and Blowfish encryption, an automatic password generator, custom icons for entries in your keyring, advanced search, and the ability to sync and securely email your passwords to other SplashID users. SplashID supports heavily customizable entry fields so you can easily make specialized entry types for storage of non-password data (confidential records, bank information, insurance information, and more). SplashID offers a 30 day trial.

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And we have SpalshID 5.3 now for the iPhone, check out the video
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five best passwords according to a blogger

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