Gadget / Techie Gift Idea: SplashID Key Safe

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SplashData!

Thanksgiving means that Black Friday and holiday gift giving are right around the corner.

We have some cool Black Friday offers that will be coming to your inbox.

But if you want a neat gadget gift that makes a great stocking stuffer for that budding techie in your family, take a look at SplashID Key Safe.Great Gadget Gift: SplashID Key Safe

SplashID Key Safe is a USB drive with 4 GB of storage space, but it is so much more. A portable version of SplashID comes preinstalled for both Windows and Mac OS. Just plug the key into the USB slot of any computer, enter your password, and SplashID will launch with your data – wherever you may be. Pull the key out, and not a trace of SplashID nor any of your data remains on the computer. Use it as your physical backup of all your passwords and other sensitive data. And of course, it makes a perfect gift!

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Gadget / Techie Gift Idea: SplashID Key Safe
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