Gizmofusion’s review on SplashID

Have you ever got to a website and just as you log in you forget what you password was? Ever go you the bank and forget your pin or bank account number and passcode? Well today is your lucky day. Up for review we have SplashID by Splashdata. SplashID is available for all major phones including BlackBerry, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web OS, Palm OS and Nokia 60 Series. SplashID is a easy to use password storage program that can keep all of your passwords stored in one place on your phone. SplashID is the perfect program for people who visit multiple websites and have multiple passwords. With SplashID you can keep all of that information in easy reach and available whenever you need it. Continue reading after the break for the complete rundown of SplashID by Splashdata.

just like with all of SplasData’s other great products, you can back up and edit all of you data on your Window’s Computer.
We actually support Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac (OS 10.4.11 and greater).
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Gizmofusion’s review on SplashID

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