Google maps on Series 60

I know this is old news, but I am a little slow. I just discovered today that Google did a nice job on porting Google Maps to mobile phones.

I have known this was available for a while, but I never tried it because it does not support Palm, and I mainly use a Treo 650. Not a problem since you can use Gmaps in Blazer ok.

But lately I have been carrying the Nokia 3230 around because of the small size and decent camera. So now I can try out Gmaps mobile!

It’s great… Especially the ability to click dial a business you find. Imagine looking up “Thai” in an area you are visiting, see the results, click call for a reservation, then click for directions. All on a simple cell phone.

Here is a list of Supported Devices

Plug this into your phone’s browser to download it:


ps. We have a couple applications for Series 60 (even 3rd Edition!): SplashID and SplashPhoto

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Google maps on Series 60

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