How a Pas5woRd Can Sink Your Company

Everyone knows by now, I would think, that you shouldn’t use a password that’s easy to guess.  Hackers use automated programs that can find any password if it’s a word in the dictionary or a proper name, even if it’s spelled backwards. Throwing in a mix of letters and numbers helps. But here’s the problem even tricky password users run into: Because we all need passwords for so many Web sites and accounts these days, people end up using the same password for many of them — or else write their passwords down somewhere. Both of these practices are disasters waiting to happen.

I agree with the author on the above, but I suggest truly using a password manager to get your life organized.

Learn about the password manager, how it works, how strong is its encryption etc, before you decide to purchase one.

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How a Pas5woRd Can Sink Your Company

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