iOS Update: SplashID 8.0.8 released

New release for iOS resolves login issues several users had reported to us.

If you don’t have automatic updates set for your iOS device(s), check for the update on your device or go here:

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iOS Update: SplashID 8.0.8 released
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One thought on “iOS Update: SplashID 8.0.8 released

  • July 1, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    with an App to have your passwords safely saved for you there is no reason to be creative with security answers as well as your passwords…you do not have to remember them, just the SplashID password. If I have a new favorite song, punchline, any sentence on my mind at the time I’m asked for a new password…abbreviate and use numbers in place of words, randomly capitalize…you don’t have to remember if you have splashID …i will look at the clock and whatever time it is, i have numbers that I won’t remember how could someone else possibly guess?


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