New SplashID for Windows app available for download

Happy to announce that a new SplashID Windows version is available!

Version 8.0.6 incorporates a number of new features and fixes. Many of these are based on your customer feedback in User Voice, so thank you once again!

  • New Features
    • Print records (Ctrl + P)
    • Global Mask and Unmask (Ctrl + H)​. New “Show All Passwords”​ option in App menu.
    • Supports font and font size changes for user data (Settings > General)
    • Re-sizable panes​ – just drag the divider​s around to re-size the panes horizontally
    • Reverse sort functionality​ – tap on the current selected sort option to reverse the order
    • Local “Restore” option​ – new menu item “Restore” added in App menu
    • Compact View support​ – accommodates more records in the middle pane and more record details in the right pane (Checkbox in Settings > General)​
    • Cursor focus on Search box​ at startup
  • Selected Bug Fixes:
    • Password Generator now produces a password with special characters every time when the Special Characters box is checked in the Password Generator settings
    • Overwrite existing .vid file while exporting
    • Scroll records list view using the down arrow
    • App menu icon no longer clipped on high density screens
    • Quick key access now working for more than 1 character
    • Search box focus maintained while clearing whole search text
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New SplashID for Windows app available for download

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