SplashID 4 for Pocket PC Reviewed

A nice review of the new SplashID 4 password safe for Pocket PC was released over the weekend. Take a look at Cell-phone-plans.net.

Here’s the introduction:

The 411: SplashID 4 Password Manager for Pocket PC

MySpace, Facebook, Pandora. Between these and the couple of professional social sites, blogspots, PayPal, and the half a dozen or so gaming and music sites that I have active accounts with, I have a good-sized chunk of username and password data scattered around my office, mostly scribbled on the backs of receipts. Not very convenient and definitely not very secure.

Made by the guys at SplashData, SplashID 4 is password management software that turns the PDA of your choice into a portable safe of confidential information. Beyond that, The SplashID 4 password manager also helps you choose passwords for better security, defeat phishing and in general, be safer on the Internet.

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SplashID 4 for Pocket PC Reviewed
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One thought on “SplashID 4 for Pocket PC Reviewed

  • December 7, 2007 at 6:02 pm

    I upgraded from 3.4 and love the new interface especially the tree view. I do however, feel a significant loss from the lack of ActiveSync now. I have been syncing using my Blackjack over Bluetooth and miss the ease of synchronization. FYI, I also spent 2 hours trying to follow the steps in the FAQ to make ActiveSync work until I finally got to the last step that said it was no longer there. You might want to put this item first.


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