SplashID 5 for Android Has Arrived

It’s here – SplashID 5 for Android Phones and Windows & Mac OS Desktop Computers! We’ve put a lot of work into making this a really great upgrade for both the Android application as well as the Mac OS and Windows desktop application, as you can see from the long feature list below. Version 5 for Android offers:

  • Updated Interface with improved layout and graphics
  • Web Autofill – Click a URL in a web login inside SplashID and the username and password are filled in automatically
  • Search History displays a list of previous searches for fast retrieval
  • Custom Icons – You can add image files to the icon picker in the SplashID Desktop (Version 5) to customize your records.
  • Automatic Desktop Sync Discovery – No need to enter an IP address any longer!
  • Support for Version 5 Desktop – Read on to see why that is a huge feature.
  • Various performance enhancements and bug fixes
The SplashID Desktop version 5 upgrade is a paid upgrade ($9.95 – purchased from within the app). The Andrid handheld application is a free update for licensed users, but version 5 on the handheld will not sync with version 4 on the desktop, so if you don’t want to pay for the desktop upgrade, don’t download the handheld update. SplashID Desktop Version 5 Update for Mac OS and Windows new features:

  • Browser Plugin options for Internet Explorer and Safari for autofill of usernames and passwords
  • Security enhancements like AES encryption, password hint question, and Reset SplashID tool
  • Search history
  • Install to Removable Device: Now you can take SplashID on a USB drive anywhere you go
  • Add Attachments: Add a file (up to 1mb) to records for association and safe keeping.
  • Add Icons: Just click Add Icons in the Icon Picker and your record and type icons can be whatever you like. You will also notice we updated some of the older icon images.
  • Smart Types: Most Viewed, Recently Modified, and Recently Viewed. Smart Types help you get to your most used records faster.
  • Scrollable Detail Pane: If your Notes are longer than the provided space in the Detail Pane, you will have a scroll bar so you can view the full notes without having to open the Edit dialog
  • Resizable Edit Dialog: You can now vertically resize the Edit Dialog so you can get more out of that notes field
  • Better Keyboard Support: You can tab between windows and UI elements better now to avoid more mouse clicks
  • Enhanced Database Sync Logic: When using the multiple Database Sync feature introduced in version 4, you should no longer see duplicated records
  • Drag and Drop Records into Types: Need to change the type assignment for a record? Select it, then click it, the drag it into the destination type (in Panel View).
  • De-dupe Tool: Scans the database for records containing the same data and offers to delete them. Found in the File menu.
  • Minimize to System Tray: On Windows, you have the option of minimizing to the System Tray (bottom right) instead of the Task Bar
  • Sequential Backup System: Auto backup now saves multiple backup files to make your data history even more secure
  • Enhanced support for Windows 7 and Mac OS Snow Leopard
  • Mac OS Keychain import tool added
  • eWallet import improved with instructions
  • 1Password import
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SplashID 5 for Android Has Arrived

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