SplashID 8.1 is here!


Good news: SplashID 8.1 is finally here! We have updated apps for iOS, Windows desktop, Android, and the web.

Remember, only SplashID Pro users get access to all updates.

Mac is coming soon! I’m putting that in bold since it’s the #1 question I’ve received 🙂

If you’re one of the thousands of SplashID users who helped with the beta, thank you!

So what’s new SplashID 8.1?

  • Mark records as favorites
  • Peek at your password during sign in
  • Filter Local Only records
  • Improved search of all record fields
  • See record counts in categories and types
  • Turn off auto locking
  • Global mask/unmask, import and export CSV files, and attachment support in VID files on iOS
  • Clear clipboard on exit in iOS and Android
  • Better printing
  • and more!

If you haven’t already received your updates automatically through an app store, you can download SplashID 8.1 on our downloads page.

As always, we recommend you make a backup before you upgrade. It is a good practice for upgrading of any application. Cloud sync users can make a backup from the backup screen in their apps. WiFi and Local users can export their records to a VID file.

Thanks again for keeping your records safe with SplashID!

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SplashID 8.1 is here!

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