SplashID for Android – Top ten Android Applications.

Splash ID is an application which is developed by “Splash Data”. Price is only $10. Its category is Tools and Utilities. Splash ID also supports with Android 1.5 or later versions. Splash ID acts as a universal, secure data storage utility for Web user accounts and passwords, frequent flyer programs, birthdays, Email accounts, and myriad other data types. You can create accounts and then group them together under categories with names like “Serial Numbers” or “Web Logins” and further classify them into Business, Personal, or Unfilled subcategories.
We did have a gripe with regard to its synchronization. Wireless synchronizing with a computer is not an entirely automatic process, and it requires you to know the IP address of your desktop or laptop. But that’s a minor technical hurdle; it should not cause most users to stumble.

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SplashID for Android – Top ten Android Applications.

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