SplashID gets a review on Palm Pre

SplashID on Palm Pre came out with the Backup/ Restore feature which is a great plus. PreCentral says: “Keeping multiple passwords for all of your various accounts is one of the best bets for online security, but remembering all of them can be challenge in and of itself. One solution is to keep them all written down and with you in your wallet or written on sticky notes and posted in various places, but that’s probably a bad idea too. For some, the only way to make managing that plethora of passwords and other pertinent account info work is if they can keep all of them strongly encrypted with one robust password that you can remember and on a device you have with you nearly all the time. Enter SplashID ($7.99 In the App Catalog), an application that allows you to keep all of your passwords in one, (hopefully) secure spot.”

There is also a Video showing the features of New SplashID for WebOS
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SplashID gets a review on Palm Pre

2 thoughts on “SplashID gets a review on Palm Pre

  • May 31, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Buyer beware, you CANNOT import a csv file with your old data into SplashID for WebOS. I bought the product believing I could do this because the site FAQ promised it. Now support tells me it can't be done.

    Mark Mallamo


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