SplashID is mentioned in an article on Password Managers

www.examiner.com published this article on Password Managers stating “Increasingly, people expect their smartphones to serve as wallets and organizational notepads, logging into their favorite websites and balancing checking accounts at the touch of that tiny screen. The gravitas of security issues stemming from the liberal use of our favored smartphone is, not surprisingly, on the minds of many. Phishing scams, malware and website break-ins make us all vulnerable to security breaches.”

And then they write:
“Los Gatos-based SplashID believes their password manager is the Fort Knox for your information, ensuring your most valuable (and vulnerable) information is secure. Touting half a million users, SplashID is a veteran in the field with many laudatory reviews and accolades during their decade-long tenure. Their premium service features sophisticated security (via AES and Blowfish encryption cipher), a desktop web browser plugin, secured sharing of encrypted SplashID files to other users and nicely streamlined graphics. Manage your important information from bank accounts and credit cards to frequent flyer programs, web logins and pins securely right from your iPhone without worrying about pesky passwords and security breaches.This week, SplashID released its latest version of the iPhone app in addition to its anticipated iPad release ($9.99 in the App Store). A pattern-based login enables users to create unique patterns by using their finger and the screen. First impressions are good, with many people citing a sleek, easy to use interface coupled with the security features that SplashID users are long accustomed to.”Read the full article
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SplashID is mentioned in an article on Password Managers

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