SplashID Key Safe

We’ve had a few requests to make SplashID Key Safe- 2GB USB Flash Drive.

So here we are introducing SplashID Key Safe-
  • Never forget a username or password again – ever
  • Secure and backup your passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, PINs, and more
  • Generate truly random passwords hackers cannot guess
  • Protect yourself from identity theft, keyloggers, and phishing
  • Best selling password manager with over 500,000 users
  • You can carry it with you where ever you go.
You can plug it into any computer- PC or Mac – and use it anywhere. All you need is access to a computer. No downloading and installation necessary, just plug-in and use.
If you have any questions, please drop us an email at helpserve@splashdata.com
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SplashID Key Safe

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