SplashID reviewed by PocketPCAddict

We were pleased to receive a very favorable review of SplashID from PocketPCaddict

“I simply connected my i-mate JAM to my desktop via ActiveSync and presto! I had all my confidential data secure.”
“I seem to lack the ability to be creative with creating new passwords although sometimes I like to add variation with numbers and symbols just to be safe, it is still not enough. With the automatic password generator I was able to create a unique password for my accounts and logins to keep my accounts more secure.”

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SplashID reviewed by PocketPCAddict

One thought on “SplashID reviewed by PocketPCAddict

  • April 15, 2007 at 12:51 am

    I’m using SplashID v. 2.55 for PalmOS. I’ve had it for about a decade. It’s wonderful. My employer will no longer allow my Palm PDA to synch with my work computer, so I’m looking into other options. I was very pleased to find the FAQ about how to export/import my Palm version into the next device.


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