SplashID reviewed on Everything Treo

Christopher Meink writes:

“SplashID does for organizing your numbers and passwords, what your Palm Treo does for organizing your life. If you simply need to remember your bank and or credit cards, then Memo pad might suffice. If you feel overun by frequent flyer, rapid reward and numbers in general and are looking for a secure method of storing this data, then I highly recommend SplashID.”

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I would have to disagree with the second statement about using the Memo pad for credit cards. Many people do this, but this is not secure. What happens when you leave your Treo on the train? What if it is stolen? You would have to cancel your credit card as soon as possible, even though you did not even lose your credit card.

With SplashID, the 256-bit encryption protects your data, so you can rest easy about a lost phone.

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SplashID reviewed on Everything Treo

One thought on “SplashID reviewed on Everything Treo

  • July 12, 2006 at 2:26 am

    It would be neat to be able to unlock my passwords using something simular to Palm’s Quick Unlock feature.


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