SplashShopper Standalone Desktop for Mac OS

We just released our desktop only version of SplashShopper, which is available for Mac OS only at the moment. We plan to release a Windows version in the near future, but since this project is finished, we didn’t want to delay its release.

This brings the same functionality as the SplashShopper desktop for Palm, but without the HotSync hooks. If you know someone who admires your SplashShopper application but doesn’t have a handheld, please pass this along to them.

SplashShopper for Mac OS



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SplashShopper Standalone Desktop for Mac OS

One thought on “SplashShopper Standalone Desktop for Mac OS

  • February 13, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    I have used SplashShopper for many years on my palm. It is a great program. I was so excited when it came out for my MAC. Now I have an iPhone and was hoping that someday there will be a version that syncs up with my MAC desktop. Any idea of when my dream may come true??? Pat


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