The 30 second password hack (and how to protect yourself from it)

This is for Firefox users only.

Ever need to get someones password (or your own) RIGHT FREAKING NOW!
Heres how to find out any internet password in 30 seconds with no software or HTML!

This information is for informational purposes only you must not ever use this information for personal gain (other than recovering your own password)


To get to the good stuff skip to step 3.

step 1The set up
To do this prank/hack you need to get acces to your victims computer. This privilege can be attained by either waiting untill they leave, mind control… well the posibilities are endless be creative.
step 2Open the browser.
Now I may not have mentioned this but for this to work the person needs to be running firefox, now this usually isn’t a problem given many people have come to their senses in the new age and have upgraded to firefox but anyhow you need to open up firefox.
step 3Execution
Since this is the 30 second password hack it seems fit that it be sown in 30 seconds or less so here it is all in one step.
3-show passwords
4-look at passwords (not mine)
step 4Use Protection Kids
Now every big discovery has it’s flaws, this ones flaw being a plus. so if you want to protect yourself from this tragedy theres one more step with 3 sub steps!
-1 Go to options.
-2 Press change master password
-3-change master password.
Now once you have done this there is a VERY minor drawback (which can also be a plus) you have to type in your password to use the internet, but the plus side of that is that your parents cannot see what you’ve been up to.
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The 30 second password hack (and how to protect yourself from it)

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