Top 20 Android Security Apps- SplashID is one of them

Thanks to the fact that the Android operating system allows for broader multitasking than that other popular smartphone OS, Android devices are able to support a wide range of mobile security functionality that runs in the background on an ongoing basis, such as automated backups and virus scanning. Still, it’s worth keeping in mind that the most essential security precautions for your Android device, like password-protecting the device itself and setting it to auto-lock after a specified period of time, don’t require an app – both of those features can be accessed within Settings -> Location & Security. And with the arrival of Android 2.2, Android devices now offer several unlock options, including a numeric PIN, a password or a graphical pattern (the last of which was recently found to be easily compromised, according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania)…..

The standalone SplashID ($9.95) password manager application can be used to store passwords credit cards, PINs and more on an Android device, guarded with 256-bit Blowfish encryption. Optional desktop software ($19.95) can be used to sync mobile data with a PC

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Top 20 Android Security Apps- SplashID is one of them

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