We support the Treo 680

The Palm Treo 680 was announced today, and the big surprise there was the availability of colors! Not since the m125 have we seen such colorful Palms.

For the record, we have been testing the SplashData applications on the Treo 680 for the past month or so, and they work great.

The device is lighter than the Treo 650, and lacks the external antenna, which is a big improvement. I can say the signal quality is as good or better than the Treo 650.

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We support the Treo 680

One thought on “We support the Treo 680

  • January 18, 2008 at 5:25 am

    I’d rather have an iPhone, in fact I do. Dumped my Treo. Still like the hard keyboard on the Treo, but will never go back.


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