Five webOS Apps That I Love

We are working on SplashID sync with the cloud for WebOS platform. SplashID on WebOS already has the backup feature to desktop, although it is not as efficient as Syncing, it gives you the opportunity to have a backup for the moment.

We are glad however, that SplashID is one of your top 5 apps.

“I get to try a lot of webOS applications as part of my job in developer relations. Sometimes they are beta apps that a developer has sent to me to review. Sometimes they’re released apps that I’m using to validate new OS releases or hardware. Sometimes they’re just fun apps that I use for my own productivity and enjoyment. Here’s five that I always try to reinstall after flashing a device for day-to-day use:
SplashID – I was a long-time SplashID user on Palm OS, and I really liked that you could export your records from the desktop to the device. SplashData hasn’t done a good job of updating this (where is sync!), but I still always load this up. If I can find a good cloud sync solution that’s supported on webOS, I might switch to it.” — Ben Combee

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Five webOS Apps That I Love

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