Passwords are More Secure than Biometrics for Network Security

By Dovell Bonnett

I often preach that it doesn’t matter how great a security technology is, if it’s too complex for users (or administrators) to use or manage then they will find ways to circumvent security for their own convenience. Biometrics is often promoted as being convenient and secure since every fingerprint is unique. But are these claims really true?
Everything you touch leaves biometric data behind. Here are a few more observations about biometrics.

  1. Single factor authentication is so insecure that it needs to be disregarded on the spot.
  2. Strong passwords are more secure than biometrics.
  3. A hardware token like a smartcard is less expensive and more secure than a biometric+password.
Biometric is a way to authenticate users but it should never be used as the primary way. It is best to add for high security areas after a card and password has been presented. Finally, set up the biometrics to do a one-to-one comparison and not the one-to-many.
So try our password manager SplashID and use biometrics a secondary means of security
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Passwords are More Secure than Biometrics for Network Security

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