SplashID Password Manager on a USB Key, Literally


Paranoids often live in fear that their passwords are never safe, and their concerns aren’t without merit. There are all kinds of threats out there from keyloggers to phishing websites. There’s also an increasing risk of forgetting PIN information as we deal with so many different logins nowadays. It’s better safe than sorry when it comes to password protection.
SplashData recently recompiled their SlashID Password Manager for use on a thumbdrive; in fact, the company ships the app on a key-shaped flash drive. The key contains both Mac and PC version of SplashID so you can launch the manager in either platform. The SlashID is basically an encrypted database protected by 256-bit AES. Just plug the Key Safe USB drive, enter the main password and the manager will handle the rest, referring to website autofills. interestingly, besides website logins, the manager can also store any other info ranging from frequent flyer number to serial number and even business ideas. The $29.95 SplashID USB key is also a 2GB drive but it doesn’t appear to have hardware encryption.
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SplashID Password Manager on a USB Key, Literally

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