SplashID winners announced on PDA 247

PDA 247 announced the winners to their SplashID Christmas Countdown competition. One of the questions asked in the competition was: “Tell us about a moment you wished you had used a data vault (in less than 30 words).” The winners and their answers are as follows:
Mike– I wished I had used a data vault when I visited a new doctor and could not remember all the names of the prescriptions I was taking. Randy– Experienced a hard reset on my device, restored from backup but registration codes didn’t restore. I could have recovered the registration codes instead of waiting until I got home. Chip– I recently switched ISPs for my personal website and was trying to remember my wife’s email password so I could set up her new email on the new server. If I had stored all of that info in a data vault, I could have finished everything much more quickly. Alex– Because I own over 200 PDA applications and they must be worth a small fortune but $0 without the codes! Mary– I bought SplashPhoto and SplashMoney and then SplashShopper but never thought of buying SplashID- SplashWallet would have been cheaper so I deserve it anyway:)Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you PDA 247 for running this competition!

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SplashID winners announced on PDA 247

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